Visiting Elkhorn - Local Industry

Due to its location in western Manitoba, Elkhorn's local economy is deeply driven by its role as a farm service centre. Much of the area around Elkhorn is involved in mixed farming, with a large volume of cattle and hog production.

Elkhorn's close proximity to Canada's Trans Canada Highway and the rail line, makes it an ideal place to locate a business.

The construction industry is also strong in Elkhorn with a number of road construction firms operating in town. The town also boasts a small industry based on oil exploration and extraction.
Major Employers
  • Twin Valley Co-op
  • Tutthill Construction Ltd.
  • Rowan Enterprises Ltd.
  • Midwestern Redi-Mix
  • R.T. Jebb Electric

Major Attractions

The jewel in the Village of Elkhorn is the Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum. Founded in 1965, the museum is currently home to an extensive collection of automobiles, agricultural machinery, Native artifacts and pioneer displays. The museum is one of the finest in Canada, with the collection of automobiles rivaling those of much larger centres. The museum attracts visitors from around the world.

Elkhorn is also host to a number of sporting and recreational events throughout the year, including Hockey and Golf Tournaments, Pioneer Day Celebrations, Western Weekend and an Agricultural Fair.